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photo Elena Morariu, MD, ECNU

Endocrinology and Metabolism

Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine

Thyroid Unit Director


Phone: 412-586-9700

Office: Falk Clinic Suite 3A
3601 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-586-9700
Fax: 412-586-9726
Administrative Assistant:
Maureen Cerda
Address: Falk Medical Bulding, Suite 3A
3601 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-864-1915
Education and Training
MD, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 2011
Residency, Internal Medicine, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 2014
Fellowship in Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, 2016
Research Interest
Dr. Morariu's research interests include molecular testing in the management of thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer.
Clinical Interest
Dr. Morariu has a strong clinical interest in thyroid disorders, including thyroid cancer and thyroid nodules, and performs ultrasound-guided thyroid biopsies in our Multidisciplinary Thyroid Clinic. She is also interested in parathyroid disease, osteoporosis, pituitary and adrenal disorders, and diabetes.
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Selected Publications:
Morariu, E. M., McCoy, K. L., Chiosea, S. I., Nikitski, A. V., Manroa, P., Nikiforova, M. N., Nikiforov, Y. E. Clinicopathologic Characteristics of Thyroid Nodules Positive for the THADA-IGF2BP3 Fusion on Preoperative Molecular Analysis. Thyroid. 2021; Online Ahead of Print.
Carty, S. E., Ohori, N. P., Hilko, D. A., McCoy, K. L., French, E. K., Manroa, P., Morariu, E., Sridharan, S., Seethala, R. R., Yip, L. The Clinical Utility of Molecular Testing in the Management of Thyroid Follicular Neoplasms (Bethesda IV Nodules). Ann Surg. 2020; 272(4): 621-627.
Morariu, E. M., Chasens, E., Strollo, P. J., Kortykowski, M. T. Effect of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) on Glycemic Control and Variability in Type 2 Diabetes (T2D. Sleep Breath. 2017; 21(1): 145-147.
Morariu, E.M., Chasens, E.R., Strollo, P.J., Kortykowski, M.T. Effect of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) on glycemic control and variability in type 2 diabetes. Sleep Breath. 2016.
Morariu, E., Szuszkiewicz-Garcia, M., Krug, E., Lemos, B., DeRiso, L., Tedesco, M., Koerbel, G., Winters, S., Korytkowski, M.T. Menstrual and Reproductive Function in Women with Type 1 Diabetes. Endocrine Practice. 2015; 21(7): 750-60.