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photo Mehret Birru-Talabi, MD, PhD


Associate Program Director, UPMC Rheumatology Fellowship Training Program


Office: 3500 Terrace Street
Bioscience Tower South, 7th floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15261
Administrative Assistant:
Kim Reynolds
Address: 3500 Terrace Street
Bioscience Tower South, 7th floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15261
Phone: 412-648-9782
Fax: 412-383-8753
Education and Training
B.A, Kenyon College, 2002
PhD, University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public Health, 2009
M.D., Univeristy of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 2011
Residency, University of Pittsburgh Medica Center, 2014
Fellowship, UPMC Rheumatology Division, 2016
Research Interest
Optimizing reproductive health management for women with rheumatic diseases
Evaluating safety and efficacy of contraception
Evaluating contraceptive care and family planning
Clinical Interest
General Rheumatology
Women's Health
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Selected Publications:
Birru Talabi, M., Mackey, R. H., Kuller, L. H., Dorman, J. S., Deane, K. D., Robinson, W. H., Walitt, B. T., Chang, Y., Holers, V. M., Liu, S., Moreland, L. W. Human Leukocyte Antigen Shared Epitope and Inflammation, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, and Mortality Among Postmenopausal Women in the Women's Health Initiative Rheumatoid Arthritis Study. Am J Epidemiol. 2017; 186(2): 245-254.
Birru Talabi, M., Clowse, M. E. B., Schwarz, E. B., Callegari, L. S., Moreland, L., Borrero, S. Family Planning Counseling for Women With Rheumatic Diseases. Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken). 2018; 70(2): 169-174.
Mackey RH, Kuller LH, Deane KD, Walitt BT, Chang YF, Holers VM, Robinson WH, Tracy RP, Hlatky MA, Eaton CB, Liu S, Freiberg MS, Talabi MB, Schelbert EB, Moreland LW. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Anti-Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Positivity, and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in the Women's Health Initiative. Arthritis Rheumatology. 2015; 67(9): 2311-22.