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photo Frederick DeRubertis, MD

Endocrinology and Metabolism

Professor of Medicine


Phone: 412-360-6146

Office: VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
University Drive C
Pittsburgh, PA 15240
Phone: 412-360-6146
Fax: 412-360-6310
Administrative Assistant:
Lisa Sinay
Address: VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
University Drive C
Pittsburgh, PA 15240
Phone: 412-360-1693
Fax: 412-360-6310
Education and Training
BS, University of Pittsburgh, 1961
MD, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 1965
Intern, University of Pittsburgh Health Center Hospitals, 1966
Resident, University of Pittsburgh Health Center Hospitals, 1968
Chief Resident, University of Pittsburgh Health Center Hospitals, 1969
Fellowship - Endocrinology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 1970
Research Interest
Dr. DeRubertis has had a 43 year career in medical education which has involved teaching of medical students, medical residents, endocrine fellows, and practicing physicians via multiple venues. He has been Co-Director of the Endocrine Disorder Course for second year medical students at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine for over 30 years. His excellence in teaching has been recognized by the Endocrine Fellows who selected him as teacher of the year for nine consecutive years. He has served as a Co-Director of the Department of Medicine's flagship continuing Medical Education course for practicing physicians, the annual Update in Internal Medicine Course for over 20 years. He directed the twice-monthly Chief of Medicine Conference at VAPHS, a case-based grand rounds type of didactic sessions attended by medical students, residents, and staff physicians.
Clinical Interest
Dr. DeRubertis, in his roles as Chief of Medicine and Chair of the Telehealth Council of the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System (VAPHS) has played a leadership role in the implementation and growth of various telemedicine modalities to improve chronic disease management by enhancing access to and convenience of specialty care to patients with diabetes and other chronic disorders. In a randomized control trial he and his collaborators at VAPHS demonstrated the efficacy of active care management by a mid-level provider supported by a home telemetry of diet, blood glucose levels and weight in improving glycemic control (Diabetes Care 33:478,2010). Over the past 6 years Dr. DeRubertis has led the growth of multiple virtual care services, including provider to provider electronic diabetes consults (E-consults), clinical televideo diabetes consultations and education, and store and forward teleretinal examinations to enhance diabetes care at VAPHS
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Selected Publications:
Melhem MF, Craven PA, Derubertis FR. Effects of dietary supplementation of alpha-lipoic acid on early glomerular injury in diabetes mellitus. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2001; 12(1): 124-33.
Craven PA, Melhem MF, Phillips SL, DeRubertis FR. Overexpression of Cu2+/Zn2+ superoxide dismutase protects against early diabetic glomerular injury in transgenic mice. Diabetes. 2001; 50(9): 2114-25.
Craven PA, Phillips SL, Melhem MF, Liachenko J, DeRubertis FR. Overexpression of manganese superoxide dismutase suppresses increases in collagen accumulation induced by culture of mesangial cells in high-media glucose. Metabolism. 2001; 50(9): 1043-8.
Melhem MF, Craven PA, Liachenko J, DeRubertis FR. Alpha-lipoic acid attenuates hyperglycemia and prevents glomerular mesangial matrix expansion in diabetes. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2002; 13(1): 108-16.
Weisbord SD, Chaudhuri A, Blauth K, DeRubertis FR. Monoclonal gammopathy and spurious hypophosphatemia. Am J Med Sci. 2003; 325(2): 98-100.
DeRubertis FR, Craven PA, Melhem MF, Salah EM. Attenuation of renal injury in db/db mice overexpressing superoxide dismutase: evidence for reduced superoxide-nitric oxide interaction. Diabetes. 2004; 53(3): 762-8.
DeRubertis FR, Craven PA, Melhem MF. Acceleration of diabetic renal injury in the superoxide dismutase knockout mouse: effects of tempol. Metabolism. 2007; 56(9): 1256-64.
Stone RA, Rao RH, Sevick MA, Cheng C, Hough LJ, Macpherson DS, Franko CM, Anglin RA, Obrosky DS, Derubertis FR. Active care management supported by home telemonitoring in veterans with type 2 diabetes: the DiaTel randomized controlled trial. Diabetes Care. 2010; 33(3): 478-84.
Sevick MA, Stone RA, Rao RH, Cheng C, Hough LJ, Macpherson DS, Franko CM, Anglin RA, Obrosky S, DeRubertis FR. The Diabetes Telemonitoring (DiaTel) Study Extension: an Exploratory Randomized Comparison of Alternative Interventions to Maintain Glycemic Control after Withdrawal of Diabetes Home Telemonitoring (ePub). J AM Med Inform Assoc. 2012; 19: 973-979.