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photo Oscar C. Marroquin, MD, FACC


Chief Clinical Analytics Officer, UPMC Health Services Division

Associate Professor of Medicine, Epidemiology, and Clinical and Translational Sciences


Phone: 412-864-1436

Office: UPMC Presbyterian
200 Lothrop Street, Forbes Tower 11077
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-864-1436
Fax: 412-647-8117
Administrative Assistant:
Beth Leslie
Education and Training
BS, Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala, 1991
MD, Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala, 1996
Certificate in Clinical Research, University of Pittsburgh, 2004
Residency in Internal Medicine, Presbyterian Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA, 1999
Fellowship in Cardiovascular Diseases, University of Pittsburgh, 2002
Fellowship in Interventional Cardiology, University of Pittsburgh, 2003
Clinical Interest
Turning real world data (RWD) into real world evidence (RWE) by applying analytics to derive insights that can be used to drive care delivery.
Educational Interest
Outcome research in cardiology

Using novel big data and analytics approaches to leverage real world data to derive RWE
For my complete bibliography, Click Here.
Selected Publications:
Marroquin OC, Selzer F, Mulukutla SR, Williams DO, Vlachos H, Wilensky RL, Tanguay JF, Holper EM, Abbott JD, Lee JS, Smith C, Anderson WD, Kelsey SF, Kip KE. A comparison of bare metal and drug-eluting stents for off-label indications. N Engl J Med. 2008; 358: 342-352.
Marroquin OC, Kip KE, Kelley DE, Johnson BD, Shaw LJ, Baiery Merz CN, Sharaf BL, Pepine CJ, Sopko G, Reis SE. The Metabolic Syndrome Modifies the Cardiovascular Risk Associated With Angiographic Coronary Artery Disease in Women: A Report from WISE. Circulation. 2004; 109: 714-721.
Marroquin OC, Holubkov R, Edmundowicz D, Ricken C, Pohost G, Buchtal S, Pepine CJ, Sopko G, Sembrat RC, Mletzer CC, Reis SE. Heterogeneity of Microvascular Dysfunction in Women with Chest Pain not Attributable to Coronary Artery Disease: Implications for Clinical Practice. Am Heart J. 2003; 145: 628-635.
Marroquin OC, Kip KE, Mulukutla SR, Ridker PM, Pepine CJ, Tjandrawan T, Kelsey SF, Mankad S, Rogers WJ, Bairey Merz CN, Sopko G, Sharaf BL, Reis SE. Inflammation is not associated with Coronary Microvascular Dysfunction in Women with Chest Pain and no obstructive coronary artery disease. Am Heart. 2005; 150: 109-15.
Green SM, Selzer F, Mulukutla SR, Tadajweski EJ, Green JA, Wilensky RL, Laskey WK, Cohen HA, Rao SV, Weisbord SD, Lee JS, Reis SE, Kip KE, Kelsey SF, Williams DO, Marroquin OC. Comparison of Bare Metal and Drug-Eluting Stents in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (from the NHLBI Dynamic Registry). Am J Cardiol. 2011; 108(11): 1658-64.
Kip KE, Marroquin OC, Kelley DE, Johnson BD, Kelsey SF, Shaw LJ, Rogers WJ, Reis SE. Clinical Importance of Obesity Versus the Metabolic Syndrome on Cardiovascular Risk in Women: A Report From the Women’s Ischemia Syndrome Evaluation (WISE) Study. Circulation. 2004; 109: 706-713.
Kip KE, Marroquin OC, Hollabaugh K, Williams DO. The problem with composite endpoints in cardiovascular studies: the story of MACE and PCI. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2008; 51: 701-707.
Zhang Z, Cheng Q, Jiang G, Marroquin OC. Statins in the prevention of repeat revascularization after percutaneous coronary intervention-- a meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials. Pharm Res. 2010; 61(4): 316-320.
Toma C, Zahr F, Moguilanski D, Grate S, Semaan RW, Lemieux N, Lee JS, Cortese-Hassett A, Mulukutla S, Rao SV, Marroquin OC. Impact of anemia on platelet response to clopidogrel in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary stenting. Am J Cardiol. 2012; 109(8): 1148-53.
Harinstein ME, Marroquin OC. External coronary artery compression due to prosthetic valve bacterial endocarditis. Catheter Cardiovasc Interv. 2014; 83(3): E168-70.
Sponsored Research/Activities
Title: Advancement of PCORnet® Infrastructure: Clinical Research Network Project
Role: Co-Investigator
Funding Agency: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute
Grant Number: RES
Start Year: 2020
End Year: 2021
Notable Achievements
Galal M. Ziady, MD, Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Care of the Cardiac Patient, 2003
Outstanding Teacher Award, 2004
Intern of the Year, 1997
Emerging Young Leadership Award - CRT, 2009