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photo G. van Londen, MD, MS


Associate Professor of Medicine


Phone: 412-692-2382

Office: Magee Womens Hospital of UPMC
300 Halket Street, Room 3526
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-692-2382
Fax: 412-641-6461
Administrative Assistant:
Deb Thomas
Address: 300 Halket Street
Magee-Womens Hospital, Room 3526
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-641-6500
Fax: 412-641-6461
Education and Training
MD, University Medical Center of Utrecht, Netherlands, 2000
Master of Science, University of Pittsburgh, 2009
Residency in Internal Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, 2004
Clinical Fellowship in Hematology-Oncology, University of Pittsburgh, 2007
Clinical Fellowship in Geriatrics, University of Pittsburgh, 2009
Research Interest
She performs her own research, but also collaborates on research that is highly relevant to (older) cancer survivors. Her main focus points are the assessment and management of 1) adverse effects of and adherence to self-administered cancer therapies and 2) needs of post-treatment cancer survivors.
Clinical Interest
Dr. van Londen is a dually ABIM certified medical oncologist and geriatrician.

She provides care at and is the director of UPMC's Cancer LiveWell Survivorship Programs (located at Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC and UPMC Hillman Cancer Center).

She also has special expertise in the care of vulnerable/frail patients with newly diagnosed, early stage or advanced breast cancer.
Educational Interest
Dr. van Londen educates cancer survivors as well as health care providers about survivorship and geriatric oncology topics.
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Selected Publications:
Blaes, A.H., van Londen, G.J., Sandhu, N., Lerman, A., Duprez, D.A. Cardiovascular Risk in Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Estrogen or Progesterone Antagonists. Current Treatment Options- Cardiovascular Medicine. 2018.
Belfer, I., Pollock, N.I., Martin, J.L., Lim, K.G., DeLa Cruz, C., van Londen, G.J., Nunziato-Virga, S.R., Straniere, K., Brufsky, A.M., Wang, H. Effect of gastroretentive gabapentin (Gralises) on post mastectomy pain syndrome: a proof of principle open label study. Pain Report. 2017.
Rosenweig, M.Q., Kota, K., van Londen, G.J. Interprofessional Management of Cancer Survivorship: New Models of Care. Seminars in Oncology Nursing. 2017.
Park, N.J., Chang, Y., Bender, C., Conley, Y., Chlebowski, R.T., van Londen, G.J., Foraker, R., Wassertheil-Smoller, S., Stefanick, M.L., Kuller, L.H. Cardiovascular disease and mortality after breast cancer in postmenopausal women: results form the WomensHealth Initiative. PLoS One. 2017.
Samuel, C.A., Turner, K., Donovan, A.S., Beckjord, E., Cardy, A., Dew, M.A., van Londen, G.J. Provider Perspectives on Barriers and Facilitators to Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy Related Symptom Management. Support Cancer Care. 2017.
Yeh, C.H, Lin, W.C., Suen, L.K.P., Park, N.J., Wood, L.J., van Londen, G.J., Bovbjerg, D.H. Auricular Point Acupressure to Manage Aromatase Inhibitor Induced Arthralgia in Postmenopausal Breast Cancer Survivors: A Pilot Study. Oncology Nursing Forum. 2017.
Hagan, T.L., Rosenweig, M.Q., Zorn,K.K., van Londen, G.J., Donovan, H.S. Perspectives on Self Advocacy: comparing perceived uses, benefits and drawbacks among Survivors and Providers. Oncology Nursing Forum. 2017.
Magnuson, A., Canin, B., van Londen, G.J., Edwards, B., Bakalarski, P., Parker, I. Incorporating Geriatric Medicine Providers into Care of the Older Adult with Cancer. Current Oncology Reports. 2016.
Turner, K., Samuel, C.A., Donovan, H.A.S., Beckjord, E., Cardy, A., Dew, M.A., van Londen, G.J. Provider perspectives on patient -provider communication for adjuvant endocrine therapy symptom management. Support Care Cancer. 2016.
Koll, T., Pergolotti, M, Holmes, H.M., Pieters, H.C., van Londen, G.J., Marcum, Z.A., MacKenzie, A.R., Steer, C.B. Supportive Care in Older Adults with Cancer: Across the Continuum. Current Oncology Report. 2016.
Notable Achievements
University of Pittsburgh Honors Convocation, 2017
Member of ASCO Committees, 2015-present
UPMC Excellence in Patient Experience, Physician and Medical Staff Honor Roll, 2017