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photo Fred H. Rubin, MD


Professor of Medicine


Phone: 412-623-2700

Office: 5200 Centre Ave
Suite 405
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-623-2700
Fax: 412-623-1235
Administrative Assistant:
Lanee Williams
Phone: 412-692-2360
Fax: 412-692-2370
Education and Training
•AB, Harvard College, 1971
•M.D., Pennsylvania State University, 1975
•Intern in Medicine, Royal Victoria Hospital McGill University Montreal, 1975
•Junior Assistant Resident in Medicine, Royal Victoria Hospital, 1976
•Senior Assistant Resident in Medicine, Royal Victoria Hospital, 1977
•Clinical Fellow in Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, 1978
Research Interest
A Professor of Medicine, Dr Rubin’s research has focused on evaluating the adaptability, sustainability, and impact of Dr Sharon Inouye’s Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP). He has shown that it is as effective at preventing delirium at UPMC Shadyside, a large community-based hospital, as it was in the academic setting in which it was first developed, and that it can decrease readmissions. By demonstrating both its efficacy and cost-savings, he has also convinced hospital management to incorporate the program into its annual budget.
Clinical Interest
Dr. Rubin currently focuses on the outpatient management of elderly people with chronic illnesses and functional limitations.
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Selected Publications:
Rubin F.H., Reinhart V. An Automated Database of Community Services for Seniors. Legacies and Lifestyles for Mature Adults: A Brighter Future Through Science and Technology. 1992; 33-42.
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Rosen, J., Mittal, V., Degenholtz, H., Castle, N., Mulsant, B.H., Nace, D., Rubin, F.H. Pressure Ulcer Prevention in Black and White Nursing Home Residents: a QI Initiative of Enhanced Ability, Incentives and Management Feedback. Advances in Skin & Wound Care. 2006; 19(5): 262-269.
Mittal, V., Rosen, J., Govind, R., Degenholtz, H., Shingala, S., Hulland, S., Rhee, Y., Kastango, K., Mulsant, B.H., Castle, N., Rubin, F.H., Nace, D. Perception Gap in Quality of Life Ratings: An Empirical Investigation of Nursing Home Residents and Caregivers. The Gerontologist. 2007; 47(2): 159-168.
Rubin, F.H., Neal, K., Fenlon, K., Hassan, S., Inouye, S. Sustainability and scalability of the hospital elder life program at a community hospital. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 2011; 59(2): 359-365.
Rubin, F.H., Bellon, J., Bilderback, A., Urda, K., Inouye, S. Effect of the Hospital Elder Life Program on Risk of 30-Day Readmission. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 2018; 66(1): 145-149.
Lorgunpai, S.J., Finke, B., Burrows, I., Brown, C.J., Rubin, F.H., Wierman, H.R., Heisey, S.J., Gartaganis, S., Ling, S.M., Press, M., Inouye, S.K. Mobility Action Group: Using Quality Improvement Methods to Create a Culture of Hospital Mobility. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 2020; 68(10): 2373-2381.
Notable Achievements
•UPMC Senior Services Grand Champion for “Extraordinary Leadership to Improve the Lives of Seniors”, 2010
•Richard E. Deitrick Humanity in Medicine Award, which “Honors a Physician who has Improved the Lives of Patients by Caring for them with Integrity, Honesty, and Respect of their Human Dignity...", 2015
•Holzinger Award for “A Faculty Member who Exemplifies Excellence in Bedside Education”, 2017
•Physician Excellence Award of UPMC, which recognizes a senior physician for “Exceptional Contributions to UPMC’s Clinical Mission”, 2020
•Recognized by Top Doctors Magazine, 2022
•Recognized by The Best Doctors in America Magazine, 2022
•President, Pennsylvania Geriatrics Society, Western Division, 1992-1993, 2011-2018