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photo Charles C. Gabbert, MD


Medical Director, GI Lab & Procedure Unit, UPMC St. Margaret


Phone: 412-784-1110

Office: UPMC St. Margaret - Medical Arts 200
200 Delafield Road - Suite 2005
Pittsburgh, PA 15215
Phone: 412-784-1110
Administrative Assistant:
Blanche Semler
Address: UPMC St. Margaret - Medical Arts 200
200 Delafield Road - Suite 2005
Pittsburgh, PA 15215
Phone: 412-784-7716
Education and Training
MD, Oregon Health & Sciences University School of Medicine, 2007
BA - Philosophy & Pre-Professional Studies, University of Notre Dame, 2001
Advanced Fellowship in Interventional Endoscopy, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, 2015
Gastroenterology Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, 2014
Internship and Residency, University of California - San Diego Medical Center, 2011
Research Interest
Dr. Gabbert's research interests reflect his clinical expertise and explore novel advanced endoscopy techniques, equipment, and related innovations.
Clinical Interest
Dr. Gabbert is a gastroenterologist who specializes in advanced endoscopy procedures such as EUS, ERCP, and related diagnostic, treatment, and palliative care modalities.
Educational Interest
Dr. Gabbert teaches GI fellows, residents, and medical students.
Selected Publications:
Rachakonda V, Gabbert C, Raina A, Bell L, Cooper S, Malik S, Behari J. Serum Metabolomic Profiling in Severe Acute Alcoholic Hepatitis Identifies Multiple Dysregulated Metabolic Pathways. PLoS One. 2014; 9(12): e113860.
Rachakonda V, Gabbert C, Raina A, Li H, Malik S, DeLany JP, Behari J. Stratification of Risk of Death in Severe Acute Alcoholic Hepatitis Using a Panel of Adipolines and Cytokines. Alcohol Clinical Experiential Research. 2014; 38(11): 2712-21.
Gabbert C, Warndorf M, Easler J, Chennat J. Advanced Techniques for Endoscopic Biliary Imaging: Cholangioscopy, Endoscopic Ultrasonography, Confocal, and Beyond. Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Clinics of North America. 2013; 23(3): 625-46.
Lindback SM, Gabbert C, Johnson BL, Smorodinsky E, Sirlin CB, Garcia N, Pardee PE, Kistler KD, Schwimmer JB. Pediatric Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A Comprehensive Review. Advanced Pediatrics. 2010; 57(1): 85-140.
Gabbert C, Donohue M, Arnold J, Schwimmer JB. Adenovirus-36 and Obesity in Children and Adolescents. Pediatrics. 2010; 126(4): 721-6.
Morrison EH, Rucker L, Boker JR, Gabbert CC, Hubbell FA, Hitchcock MA, Prislin MD. The Effect of a 13-hour Curriculum to Improve Residents' Teaching Skills: A Randomized Trial. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2004; 141(4): 257-63.
Morrison EH, Lewis EM, Gabbert CC, Boker JR, Kumar B, Harthill M. Evaluating a "Service Elective" in Clinical Teaching for Medical Students. Medical Teacher. 2003; 25(6): 662-63.
Notable Achievements
GI Fellow Faculty Teaching Award - UPMC, 2015
American Academy of Pediatrics CA Chapter - Excellence in Leadership, Teaching, & Patient Care Award, 2010
Hester Scholarship Award Recipient - OHSU, 2005
Meissner Scholarship Award Recipient - OHSU, 2004
Rhodes & Marshall Scholarship Finalist - Univ. of Notre Dame, 2001