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photo Ronald J Buckanovich, MD, PhD



Phone: 412-641-4721

Office: 204 Craft Avenue, B333
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-641-4721
Fax: 412-641-3580
Administrative Assistant:
Colleen Kelly
Address: 204 Craft Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-641-8556
Fax: 412-641-8605
Education and Training
BS, Cornell University of Agriculture and Life Science, 1990
MD, Weill Medicla College, 1998
PhD, Rockefeller University, 1996
Research Interest
Ovarian cancer stem cells
Mesenchymal stem cells
Tumor vascular niche
Ovarian cancer therapeutics
Ovarian cancer clinical trials
Clinical Interest
Ovarian cancer stem cells
Mesenchymal stem cells
Tumor vascular niche
Ovarian cancer therapeutics
Ovarian cancer clinical trials
Selected Publications:
Wu, J, Zhu, J, Yin, H, Buckanovich, RJ, Lubman, DM. Analysis of glycan variation on glycoproteins from serum by the reverse lectin-based ELISA assay. J. Proteome Res. 2014; 13(4): 2197-2204.
Wu, J, Yin, H, Buckanovich, RJ, Thorpe, JD, Dai, J, Urban, N, Lubman, DM. Validation of LRG1 as a Potential Biomarker for Detection of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer by a Blinded Study. PloS One. 2015; 10(3).
Burgos-Ojeda, D, Wu, R, McLean, K, Chen, YC, Talpaz, M, Yoon, E, Cho, KR, Buckanovich, RJ. CD24+ Ovarian Cancer Cells are Enriched for Cancer Initiating Cells and Dependent on JAK2 Signaling for Growth and Metastasis. Molecular Csncer Therapeutics. 2015; 14(7): 1717-1725.
Chen, YC, Allen, SAG, Ingram, PN, Buckanovich, R, Merajver, SD, Yoon, E. Single-cell Migration Chip for Chemotaxis-based Microfluidic Selection of Heterogeneous Cell Populations. Sci Rep. 2015; 5: 9980.
Raghavan, S, Ward, MR, Rowley, Kr, Wold, RM, Takayama, S, Buckanovich, RJ, Mehta, G. Formation of stable small cell number three-dimensional ovarian cancer spheroids using hanging drop arrays for preclinical drug sensitivity assays. Gynecologic Oncology. 2015; 138(1): 181-189.
Choi, YJ, Ingram, PN, Yang, K, Coffman, L, Iyengar, M, Bai, S, Thomas, DG, Yoon, E, Buckanovich, RJ. Identifying an ovarian cancer cell hierarchy regulated by bone morphogenetic protein 2. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2015; 112(50): E6882-6888.
Coffman, LG, Choi, YG, McLean, K, Allen, BL, di Magliano, MP, Buckanovich, RJ. Human carcinoma-associated mesenchymal stem cells promote ovarian cancer chemotherapy resistance via a BMP4/HH signaling loop. Oncotarget. 2016; 7(6): 6916-6932.
Coffman, LF, Burgos-Ojeda, D, Wu, R, Cho, K, Bai, S, Buckanovich, RJ. New models of hematogenous ovarian cancer metastasis demonstrate preferential spread to the ovary and a requirement for the ovary for abdominal dissemination. Transl Res. 2016; 175: 92-102.
Mathew, E, Brannon, AL, Del Vecchio, A, Garcia, PE, Penny, MK, Kane, KT, Vinta, A, Buckanovich, RJ, di Magliano, MP. Mesenchymal Stem Cells Promote Pancreatic Tumor Growth by Inducing Alternative Polarization of Macrophages. Neoplasia. 2016; 18(3): 142-151.
Bai, S, Ingram, P, Chen, YC, Deng, N, Pearson, A, Niknafs, Y, O'Hayer, P, Wang, Y, Zhang, ZY, Boscolo, E, Bischoff, J, Yoon, E, Buckanovich, RJ. EGFL6 Regulates the Asymmetric Division, Maintenance, and Metastasis of ALDH+ Ovarian Cancer Cells. Cancer Res. 2016; 76(21): 6396-6409.
Notable Achievements
Certificate of Congressional Recognition, 2008
Damon Runyon Clinical Investigator Award, 2008
NIH New Innovator Director's Award, 2008
Gynecologic Cancer Foundation, Carols's Cause Award Mentor, 2009
American Society for Clinical Investigation, Member, 2012