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photo Neel B Shah, MD

Infectious Diseases

Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine

Associate Program Director, ID Fellowship


Phone: 412-647-7228

Office: Falk Medical Bldg
3601 Fifth Ave., Suite 3A
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-647-7228
Fax: 412-647-7951
Administrative Assistant:
Mary Ann Brown
Address: Falk Medical Bldg
3601 Fifth Ave., Suite 3A
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-648-6273
Fax: 412-648-6399
Education and Training
MD, Rutgers, 2008
Residency, Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education, Rochester, MN, 2011
Fellowship, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD, 2014
Fellowship, Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education, Rochester, MN, 2015
Research Interest
Dr. Shah's research interests include better understanding how to diagnose, manage, and treat prosthetic joint infections. He is currently working on determining what factors determine clinical outcomes associated with patients who undergo debridement and retention of their infected prosthetic joint, and how modifying these factors could help in improving patient outcomes.
Clinical Interest
Dr. Shah has particular interest in the diagnosis and management of osteoarticular infections, including osteomyelitis, spinal and orthopedic hardware infections, and prosthetic joint infections.
Selected Publications:
Ajani, S, Shah, NB, Vlahakis, NE. Achalasia: A Diagnosis That’s Hard to Swallow. American Journal of Respiratory Critical Care Medicine. 2012; 185(8): 893.
Shah, NB, Wittich C. 82 Year Old Man with Left Hip Pain and Bilateral Leg Swelling. Mayo Clinic Proceedings. 2010; 85(9): 859-62.
Shah, NB, Suri, RM, Patel, R, Kommedal, O, Saebo, O, Gustafson, DR, Wilson, WR, Baddour, LM. Shuttleworthia satelles Endocarditis: Evidence of Non-Dental Human Disease. Joint Infection. 2010; 60(6): 491-3.
Shah, NB, Osmon, DR, Fadel, H, Patel, R, Kohner, PC, Steckelberg, JM, Mabry, T, Berbari, EF. Laboratory and Clinical Characteristics of S. lugdunensis Prosthetic Joint Infections. Journal of Clinical Microbiology. 2010; 48(5): 1600-3.
Lea, MA, Shah, NB, Ibeh, C, Moyer, MP. Induction of differentiation of colon cancer cells by combined inhibition of kinases and histone deacetylase. Anticancer Research. 2007; 27: 741-8.
Brown, T, Shah, NB, Borwn, L. Aiding and abetting: Aggregatibacter aphrophilus coinciding with Mycobacterium avium. American Journal of Medicine. 2014; 127(6): 494-7.
Shah, NB, Shoham, S, Nayak, S. Cryptococcus neoformans prosthetic joint infection: case report and review of the literature. Mycopathologia. 2014; 179(3-4): 275-8.
Shah, NB, Tande, A, Patel, R, Berbari, E. Anaerobic prosthetic joint infection. Anaerobe. 2015; 36: 1-8.