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photo John Robert Hotchkiss, MD


Associate Professor of Critical Care Medicine

Associate Professor of Medicine


Phone: 412-647-9073

Office: 646 C Scaife Hall
3550 Terrace Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15143
Phone: 412-647-9073
Education and Training
BA, University of Chicago, 1984
MD, University of Chicago, 1988
Internal Medicine, University of Minnesota, 1991
Renal Fellowship, University of Minnesota, 1994
Critical Care Fellowship, Hennepin County Medical Center, 1996
Pulmonary Research Fellowship, University of Minnesota, 1998
Research Interest
The underlying theme of Dr. Hotchkiss's work is the application of contemporary computational and bioengineering techniques to complex biological and clinical systems. Dr. Hotchkiss' goal is to produce computational tools that can be used to improve patient care, either directly or by guiding the application of extant or novel technologies in the clinical setting. Foci of interest have expanded from individual patients to include healthcare facilities and networks, focusing on access and economic issues.
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Selected Publications:
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Salmon, A.A., Hotchkiss, J.R. Hypercapnic acidosis in ARDS: a tolerated side effect or an important therapeutic modality?. Critical Care Medicine. 2007; 11(1): 304.
Hotchkiss, J.R., Sanders, M.H., Clermont, G., Crooke, P.S. Preventing "bored-lung disease" when treating patients with ventilatory failure. Critical Care Medicine. 2007; 35(7): 1797-9.
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Piacentini, E., Lopez-Aguilar, J., Garcia-Martin, C., Villagra, A., Saenz-Valiente, A., Murias, G., Fernandez-Segoviano, P., Hotchkiss, J.R., Blanch, L. Effects of vascular flow and PEEP in a multiple hit model of lung injury in isolated perfused rabbit lungs. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. 2008; 65(1): 147-53.
Roumelioti, M.E., Ranpuria, R., Hall, M., Hotchkiss, J.R., Chan, C.T., Unruh, M.L., Argyropoulos, C. Abnormal nocturnal heart rate variability response among chronic kidney disease and dialysis patients during wakefulness and sleep. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation. 2010; 25(11): 3733-41.
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